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Serving the World! was established in 1997 as an internet technologies firm providing web server hardware technology and website software design/development services for businesses with online integration goals. Since our start, we have developed system technologies and internet domain properties currently serving over 1 million visitors per week through domains owned and operated in more than 50 countries worldwide.

More than a source for hosting ... much more! was established in 1997 as an internet technologies firm providing web server hardware technology support and website software design/development services for businesses with early online integration goals. Since our start, we have focused on developing our client's personal internet growth, as well as the network partnerships we now enjoy today. In contrast, this has helped to quickly separate us from the majority of competing web hosting firms in our industry. This is a position of strength, as many of our clients enjoy very lucrative businesses on the internet today.

Currently, we manage internet domain properties which serve over 1 million visitors per week through our host server network. These are domains owned and operated by independent webmasters in more than 50 countries worldwide, many of these being resellers on our shared and dedicated VHost™ hosting automation systems. With more than 1,500,000 content pages served, has become a quiet leader in small-to-medium sized business market virtual and dedicated hosting. We also specialize in internet portal community development, developing these within current host client markets. These portal communities are vertically positioned and enhance the rapid growth of our direct clients online. Our founding principal is simple, we aggressively develop communities of active users and then help our clients plug-in to their benefits!

Our primary focus is shared and dedicated server hosting, providing hosting service to small and medium sized, individually operated and company based websites. We feel this is clearly the driving force behind the future growth of the internet and the success of these types of clients is one of the biggest factors in our sustained growth. We do, however, work with Fortune 500 companies and currently maintain developed internet properties for several international leaders in various industries with large segments in collecting, outdoor and sporting related community development.

Our strategy has been to develop easy-to-use, robust virtual and dedicated hosting services for any prospective client attempting to bring their "brick and mortar" enterprise online. Both our shared and dedicated hosting systems are integrated with the latest technologies, both in hardware and software support, and offer speed, reliability and the advantages gained through direct hardwire "OnNet" connectivity. In a business where speed, stability and support are the benchmarks, we feel that our experience, driven focus and dedication to offering the highest level of technology at minimum pricing are what have made us the success story that we are today. In a business where most hosting companies define their numbers in terms of "churn" (or domain owner loss) we are very proud of the retention rate we have established. Our customer satisfaction is paramount to our ongoing success and with less than 0.03% yearly client loss, we feel justified in our commitment to this goal, a principal we will never compromise.

Atlanta Virtual is a privately held company and is 100% financed by ongoing revenue growth.
We invest heavily in our own technology growth, automation R&D and successfully run several independent domain properties in the direct e-commerce trade arena. We feel that by doing this, we can react faster to the advancing trends in our industry, specifically when seen through the eyes of our customer's experience, as we "are" our own client in the retail e-commerce business, selling many products and services directly through the web.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

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